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The fashion Glossary

A small history of the skirt.

Originally in the middle ages, the skirt is meant gathered at the throat of apparel, knee length, usually belted. It was worn by both men and women. Womens Gothic “skirt” in the XV century was divided on the bodice and the skirt – it was the beginning of the skirt in the modern sense. Change the length, width and shape of the skirt has a significant influence on the formation of a fashion line.




Cul de Paris


Pleated skirt

“Lame skirt”

(Humpelrock) – long ladies skirt, strongly narrowed at the ankle that women during walking was lame. Was fashionable in 1910-1914, and is an interesting example of how fashion sometimes discards all reasonable arguments. To quote from a source that time: “it (the skirt) is a hidden opportunity to humbly stand out, it contains even a little hint of the grotesque, this toilet is a distortion of the tradition. The history of its appearance looks quite strange. First, none of theatrical celebrities didn’t want to take this sensational model home packin. Even the actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923,), which is already introduced in the fashion of many bold innovations, rejected her, aware of her age. However, at this time, the actress Cecilia sorrel, which is still famous for its very fine taste in choosing clothes, took a special costume for a special role. The role she was to stay for a long time, leaning on column, and then in the most elegant way to separate from it the figure that could only be achieved by combining all the important lines and planes of the toilet in a single ornamental, organically coherent whole, not contrary to the contour of the female figure. “Lame skirt” seemed to fulfill these requirements, especially as she hadn’t looked at this comical, as when walking. Unfortunately, demi found in the novelty of what was needed. And because for a long time he was in a sense a mediator fashion for the rest of society, and other circles took this inharmonious, outrageous clothing product. So clothes, shackled movement, designed for sculptural pose, became a clothing outlet, balls, and the absurdity of won without effort, without a fight, strictly speaking, against the will”.


Elongated end apparel, travelling in the back on the ground. Intentionally increases and lengthens your figure, making it more impressive and sublime. So it’s always primarily intended for court circles. The train was sometimes attached to the shoulders as a part of the service, as it can be seen in medieval miniature XII century (the so-called. Schwanzlein). In that era clothing with train worn by both men called Houppellande.

The big train, as you know, was on Corot-discriminatory toilet Russian Czarina Catherine; its length was 70 m, width 7 m Carried the plume 50 pages. After 1500, the train disappears for a long time from the day of service, remaining belonging exclusively ceremonial clothing. Clothing in Baroque style he wasn’t good enough, and so it is again in Vogue only when they start to wear inflated rear skirt (bouffantes about the year 1680, cul de Paris in the second half of the eighteenth century and bustle century later).


Sports ladies skirt, appeared about 1830. Trouser cut is only visible when walking in deep folds.

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