What models of dresses for complete fashionable

Thinking about how to choose a dress full of women first and foremost dream is to hide imperfections in the form of too curvy forms. But do not forget that the clothing is designed not only to hide the shortcomings of our figures, but also to present it in the most favorable light. What styles of dresses for women in fashion now?

The basic rules for choosing models dresses for women

The main attention is drawn to the silhouette of the dress. On curvy woman look very good dress semi-fitted type, smoothly fitting the curves of her figure. Dignity full of women that you want to emphasize chest. Choose straight dress with elongated reliefs, as they visually narrow and very attractive make out the shape.

Full-bodied women should know that cutting through the waist and hips dresses they do not go. Transverse seams visually divide the shape and shorten it. The woman seems to be wider than it is. Before long, you know that long skirt makes a woman above, but we must not only wear Maxi. The average knee-length also looks great, when you have beautiful legs.


Here are a few tips on selection of clothing for women, including dresses:

when the knees are not too good looking, dresses choose them to be covered;

dress it is better to choose polurethane;

– to hide the width of the hips, choose styles of dresses for full, with slightly extended from the hip skirt, pencil skirt, skirt-Godet-check against delivery;

vertical pattern or stripes slim and pull the figure;

– fabric of the dress should be soft, flowing, elastic and only a Mat and shiny look fat very. The Jersey is very suitable for women;

– the pads are not needed, and the neckline should be V-shaped or square;

model dresses for full to select the best direct, no frills and ruches;

– you can choose a dress with a main item – collar, wide belt, or pattern throughout the dress.

– if you have broad shoulders and bulk up, you should find a large picture or more detail (wide belt or bow) that will adjust contour;

– the style of dress for full should not have sleeves or extended sleeve;

wide hips will hide the dress length is a little bit below the knee. While the bottom should be made from light fabric, not sticking to the body. And style top dress may fit, highlighting the chest and neck;

dresses with kesenai skirt and tight top in full the ladies will emphasize the waist;

– full hands close translucent sleeve dresses. This can be done with a scarf or a light shawl;

if chubby lady of small stature, it would need solid color dresses for full girls. Looks great gown of thick fabric.

Evening and cocktail dresses for women

If you dream to look charming, will suit the styles of cocktail dresses and evening dresses simple cut from opaque fabric with a simple illustration. They perfectly show the attractiveness of the figure and hide her flaws. Usually full of women opt for evening dresses black. Besides, black is always fashionable.

Full woman, dressed tastefully and rules that can show their a different side to fascinate many.

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