Styles of blouses

The blouse is recognized as an indispensable element of everyday closet of the fairer sex, which accentuate the dignity of the figure and perfectly complements the image of the female elegance, elegance and sensuality. Today it is difficult to find a fashionista, which was not at least a pair of stylish blouses. This type of service has emerged as a separate element of a woman’s wardrobe only in the late 18th century and represented separated from the skirt upper part of the dress. Since the blouse was changed, acquiring many forms, styles, and colors. Famous fashion designers constantly offer centennium fashion and new styles of blouses that can help women become more attractive and sexier. Modern styles of blouses are practicality and versatility, as they Continue reading

Top women’s clothing

Top women’s clothing ZARINA: beauty at any time of the year

“Fashion passes, style remains”

Coco Chanel

The cold and rain: except for this Woman is a reason to change ourselves and style? On the contrary! This is a great opportunity to get out of the closet bright and beautiful garments.

Comfortable coat, elegant coat, fashion jacket – online-shop ZARINA outerwear presents in great variety at low prices. Now you are protected from cold and bad weather – it’s just another reason to create a new image.

City look with clothes ZARINA

The modern city-dweller – a woman who looks luxurious, and not ready to give up comfort.

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High fashion for women with disabilities

Models in wheelchairs, prosthetic legs and with limited vision confident on the catwalk in outfits from Ukrainian designers on the ground in Ukraine fashion show for women with disabilities Fashion Chance. The event kicked off on 25 July in Kiev club Dante Park.

All preparations began early in the morning. For 30 models hairdressers partner display MATRIX did hair style: curly hair, soft curls and high tails. Later models took into their own hands” master “Partner”, which made the girls excellent evening make-up: suggested black arrows, highlights cheekbones and beautifully emphasized the beauty of the lips.

Some designers right on the chairs was Dasavali, stroked or pin invisible Continue reading

Fashion 2012 for women.
Women by nature should always look exquisite and inimitable. This certainly helps correct outfit. And what will best emphasize the dignity of the female figure? Stylish dress. The actual made…

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Clothing Every modern man has long included the sport in their everyday life. In the endless rhythm of life is very important to maintain physical stamina, additionally it is a…

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History skirt
The history of the skirt is rooted in antiquity, when people did not distinguish between male and female clothes and wore a loincloth, which only can be called skirts. They…

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