The most fashionable skirts

Even last season, came into fashion dirndl skirts . which is still relevant this year. Through the use of various materials designers create skirts in different styles. The length of this knee-length skirts, make sure the fitted silhouette, which is formed using Assembly and folds at the waist, elastic bands, ribbons, belts.

There is a model of a smaller volume with undercut and with a belt at the waist.

Materials – Baptiste, ginem (h/b fabric in a cage or striped), silk, transparent fabrics, fine leather.

This year’s skirt Tulip supplemented easy drape and repeat the fashion of the 80-ies. The variety of styles – from a streamlined teardrop to a very lush mini-kríni with volume at the hips.

Main color – year-old, white, black.

Materials – silk FAI, glossy and shiny cotton fabric, thin coat.

This year, the actual direction in which the hips becomes unnatural and even a little sculptural due to folds and draping. This finish looks great on high mini and pencil skirts .

Main color – neutral, white, brown, blue, black, terracotta.

Materials – polished cotton fabric, Jersey, satin, two layers of organza, gazar.

Relevant in this season skirt with ruffles and ruches . which was a hit last season. This year designers presented a lot of new ideas this feminine skirt. Coquette unusual shapes and shape layers to create a very beautiful ruffles. Also this year designers presented a skirt with asymmetrical trim, ruffles different sizes and with rounded edges. New this season – crimped ruffles.

Color – neutral, white, summer, shades of orange, purple.

Materials like organza, light silk, crepe de Chine, sheer fabric.

Classic as always in fashion. Form-fitting pencil skirt in 2009 is unusual futuristic forms. Modern models such skirts are long, enlarged at least to the knees, as well as accents on the waist.

Main color – neutral, white, dark tones of summer, grey.

Materials – silk FAI, ginem in small cells, tuft, brocade, glossy satin.

This season offers exciting new finishes edge – asymmetrical draping, layering effect, high slits.

Color the simplest neutral, white, grey, black.

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