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On the market in recent years, women clothes from Turkey happens more and more often, it has long been not “crap”, and exclusive fashion designer instances. High quality and creative design helped textiles Turkey to occupy one of leading places in the world. Internet shop of fashionable clothes Remtu offers you exclusive models of Turkish production.

Why Turkey?

The changes that have occurred in the textile industry of Turkey in recent years, advanced textiles Turkey in the first ranks among the world producers. Without a doubt the leading position among online stores women’s clothing-owned stores, offering the Turkish textiles.

First, Turkey has everything for a successful breakthrough on the world market: it can grow high-quality cotton, to produce silk, wool, synthetic fabric. The institutions of the country annually produce qualified professionals in the textile, clothing designers, fashion designers, etc. The labour market in Turkey, one quarter is concentrated in the textile sector!

Secondly, the quality of Turkish service recently increased so much that is worthy of competing with these “patriarchs” of the textile business, such as Italy and Germany.

Thirdly, in Turkey there are many large corporations in the production of textiles, the European famous brands. Turkish production cooperate with European luxury fashion houses such as Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, Gianfranco Ferre, Hugo Boss and other European trading club recognized for Turkish textiles of the highest quality.

And finally, the price of Turkish clothes are quite competitive. In recent years, publish companies are increasingly United in textile companies, producing products from beginning to end: from cotton to finished models. This vicious cycle can reduce rates, producing high-quality products.

Not every online store womens clothing cheap selling their goods. Most often, this is due to the procurement of products through third parties, and the high costs of retail space. In our case, the prices on women’s clothing is much lower due to the absence or minimize such costs.

Remtu – beautifully, quickly and inexpensively!

Remtu offers its customers high-quality clothing from Turkey from the best manufacturers at affordable prices. Our advantages:

Online women’s clothing store in Moscow, offering Turkish clothes a lot, but it is often streaming products, and all stores are the same. Remtu offers you a unique model, released in small batches, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Directory of online women’s clothing store Remtu has a huge range. You will easily find stylish and high-quality women’s clothing(online store provides a huge number of new models weekly) for every taste, age and wealth!

We carefully select all the exhibited models, preferring a proven company with a good reputation. Remtu not make unnecessary markup, so you can be sure that choosing clothes, you’ll get the best “price-quality” of all offered options.

Remtu delivers the goods throughout the territory of Moscow and Moscow region, as well as in any region of Russia. The choice of method of delivery when ordering on our website.

Easy search on the website will allow you to quickly and easily find the directory partition and choose those models that You like. You can make an order by phone or on the website. We take an individual approach to each client. Consultants Remtu will do everything to make your visit to our online store to leave only positive emotions.

Remtu – Internet-shop women’s clothing from Turkey !

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