Suede bags is a fashion trend

It is difficult to imagine women’s fashion ensemble without such a final accent like a handbag. Elegance and practicality, originality and fashion trend – all handbags.

One of the most popular trends in today’s fashion bags are made of suede.

Suede – this is specially tanned skin of a deer or lamb. In order to obtain high-quality suede, leather is subjected to a multistep process, in which it removes excess hair, skin, soften, stretch, soak, ash handle. Moreover, every well-known manufacturer of suede, as a rule, has its own special secret, the candle, by which its products are recognizable, unique to this company.

Considering how much work it takes to manufacture suede, it is easy to understand: this material is not cheap. Quality suede is expensive, but looks respectively, and is worn not be longer than artificial counterfeits.

By the way, about fakes. The popularity of handbags suede has led to the fact that not too many honest manufacturers of leather haberdashery began to produce bags of the so-called “faux suede” material that looks like real suede. To distinguish the faux suede is quite simple: swipe the bag with the palm against the direction of the pile – natural suede, unlike artificial material will change its color.

Modern manufacturers offer a suede bags in a wide variety of execution bags, from simple classics to mischievous youth models. The choice of course is yours, consider only some of the main fashion trends:

• The hit of the season – bag brown, beige, Burgundy or cherry. The black color is more appropriate for simple “office” model.

• Long handle must be present, even if the bag has a short handle.

• Relevant options with rivets, embroidery, fabrics.

To care for natural suede bag it carefully. Modern leather goods stores have a rich set of tools, special sprays to erasers. If you purchased a suede bag, will better to purchase these tools, than take the chance to use homebrew tips, which in excess is on the same Internet network. The only safe way to refresh suede, if you don’t have special tools to hold it over steam, and then carefully walk on the surface of an ordinary pencil eraser.

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