Styles of blouses

The blouse is recognized as an indispensable element of everyday closet of the fairer sex, which accentuate the dignity of the figure and perfectly complements the image of the female elegance, elegance and sensuality. Today it is difficult to find a fashionista, which was not at least a pair of stylish blouses. This type of service has emerged as a separate element of a woman’s wardrobe only in the late 18th century and represented separated from the skirt upper part of the dress. Since the blouse was changed, acquiring many forms, styles, and colors. Famous fashion designers constantly offer centennium fashion and new styles of blouses that can help women become more attractive and sexier. Modern styles of blouses are practicality and versatility, as they are harmoniously combined with various types of clothing, and are up to date as at a business meeting, and at a nightclub.

The main styles

Designers of women’s clothing offer fashion blouses two basic styles: romantic style and business. Styles of blouses, executed in the first style, have a variety of decorative elements. For these models blouses are selected light and translucent solid color fabric with a pattern or without him. Blouses, business style, characterized by the severity of the silhouette, solid colors and no ruffles, flounces and other decorations. Let us consider in detail the basic styles of blouses for women:

Blouse with a V-neckline. This model blouse visually pull the neck and also effectively emphasizes the line of the chest.

The batch file. This model blouse has similarities with a man’s shirt, as equipped with a placket with buttons small size. The sweater is best to wear trousers.

Blouson. This model blouse stitched in a free style from bright and airy fabrics. The lower part of the blouson is soft folds.

The tunic. This blouse looks like a shirt because it has a long silhouette. Tunic combines perfectly with leggings or leggings.

Blouse Polo. This style of blouse is relevant for lovers of sports style. Blouse Polo shirt has a short bar, which features three buttons and a neat collar, made of dense material.

Chemise. This blouse free cut that resembles a sweater. But from this style shirt features chest pockets and a straight silhouette.

Blouse with the smell. This model blouse perfectly corrects the shape and emphasizes the bust line. The blouse with the smell of two edges overlap each other and fastened the original bow.

Blouses of various styles are harmoniously combined with skirts, trousers, jeans, business suits and even shorts.

Blouses for different types of shapes

Stylists recommend to choose a style blouses, based on the shape type, and only then to consider the fashion trends. If women are slim waist, narrow shoulders and wide hips, so it is the ideal option is fitted model blouse. This style will visually balance the narrow upper part of the figure and wide bottom. The owners of this type of shape it is best to choose a blouse made in bright colours.

Women with a triangular shape type recommended cut blouses, which accentuates the elegant lines of the hips and a narrow waist. Models of blouse with a slightly dropped shoulder will help to balance out the proportions of this type of figure. Fashionista with the type of the triangle must abandon blouses with sleeves, jabot, wall hangings and other decorations. It is also necessary to avoid blouses decorated with geometric patterns and large patterns.

If you are the owner of a rectangular type of shape, then cut blouses with the smell will help to make the figure of the feminine and slender. Women with this body type should also pay attention to the models of blouses with a shallow rectangular or oval cutouts.

Styles of blouses, extending from the chest level, will help to redress the female silhouette, related to the type of “Apple”. Make the figure more slender blouse made in vertical stripes. Women with this body type, it is recommended to eliminate from your wardrobe fitted model blouses as well as products with deep cuts and bright colors.

Women with a perfect hourglass fit almost all styles of blouses. You can choose various colours and types of tissues. The most advantageous option recognized blouse with a fitted silhouette, as this model is wonderful emphasizes the perfect form of its owner.

Thus, choosing the right blouse will bring in the image of fashionista charm, individuality and style.


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