Scandinavian style in clothes

What associations do we, when we hear about Scandinavia? Probably immediately come to thoughts about the cold and harsh climate, and not about flying chiffon skirts and high heels). Scandinavia is known for long fjords, mountains, dense forests and countless lakes has become a source of inspiration for poets, artists and of course designers. There is such a thing as the Scandinavian style in clothes . It is simple and concise, clean lines and authenticity.

This term appeared in 1930, and in the beginning was used in relation to the interior, and then moved into clothing. Climate Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland is really harsh and peculiar, and therefore the clothes in this style typically warm and cozy. The basis of this style is natural and practical functionality. He is a stranger to pretentiousness and diversity of colors. He relaxed and homely, if I may say so about style.

The elegance inherent in Scandinavian style can be described as austere. There is nothing superfluous, but this is an additional opportunity for creativity and inspiration. People who choose this style has, as a rule, Nordic by nature, combined with determination. But it’s not cold and straight people. They just don’t close the glamorous and excessive pomposity. But they are friendly and lack of aggression.


Scandinavian style is distinguished first of all, convenience. In the classification of modern styles he belongs to the folklore, because it retains elements of national costumes Scandinavia. In modern costume in Scandinavian style a lot of things that can be done on your own. This warm beanies, sweaters with traditional drawings, knitted things bright yarn cold tones, wide scarves, knitted skirts, socks and mittens. Also in the package can include jeans, a checkered shirt and sneakers, knitted dresses, shorts, warm fabrics and loose vests. And of course warm boots, similar to boots or boots of soft leather and fur coats. Clothing should be loose and comfortable. This style is perfect for Your kids.

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