Hugo Boss

Specialization: Stylish clothes and accessories

Products: Suits,shirts, ties, tuxedos, underwear, shoes, sunglasses, perfumes

Country and year established: Hugo Boss was founded in 1923 in Germany.

Today, Hugo Boss– world-renowned fashion Empire, with stores in 103 countries, more than 5000 stores and an annual turnover of more than five hundred million dollars. However, for the man who founded one of the most stylish men’s line of clothing started not so well.

Hugo Boss founded company service in 1923 in a small town South of Stuttgart (Germany) in Metzingen, where it is currently. But because of the bad economic situation in Germany Hugo Boss was forced

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Designer clothing directory

This section presents only new arrivals. No junk!

Fashionable clothing for women means a lot – it sheds light on its internal state, informs the others about the status, helps to Express yourself or just to cheer up. And Kiev today can truly be called the main center of both cultural and fashionable life of the country. Here you can find a fashionable blouse or a chic dress from virtually any more or less known brand. In particular you will be pleased with domestic designers, fashionable creations which are now in the peak of popularity, and not only at home but abroad.

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Italian clothes in Kiev.

Fashion is an important part of the cultural life of Italian society. The Italians are renowned for their attention to fashionable appearance. “La Bella Figura” or “good impression” — remains a traditional principle in their way of life. Today Italy is rightfully called the Queen of the fashion world. Emphasized stylish, exquisite and elegant Italian clothing acts as the object of addiction is steadily increasing number of admirers from around the world.

Despite the fact that the Italian fashion house widely known much later as compared with French, is currently a recognized leader in the world of fashion is considered to be Italy. As a consequence, the Italian clothing being sold in Kiev, giving the opportunity to try on celebrification, interesting news and Ukrainians. Therefore, if your search term is “Italian clothing Kyiv”, the result you will receive a list of sites that sell goods primarily from Italy. Among them special attention should be paid to site “FreeModa”, which is Continue reading

How to clean leather jacket

The upper leather is comfortable and practical. Leather coats and jackets look fashionable and elegant. And the prices on leather products may differ significantly. For example, the price of leather coats not commensurate with the price of a light leather jacket, but in all cases these things are valuable and expensive. Therefore, buying a leather jacket or coat, so as not to shake hands with them in the near future, you should know how and what to clean in a particular case. The question is complicated by the fact that leather clothes cannot be washed in a washing machine, how it could be done in the normal case. The skin can only be cleaned. So let’s find out how.

Easy cleaning from dust and volatile impurities

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“Baska” back in fashion!

The shuttlecock on the belt line of the bodice is called “Baska». This item dresses that accentuate the waist and hips, came into Vogue in the summer of 2012.

The shuttlecock on the belt line of the bodice is called “Baska»

Star trend

Stars of show business and cinema preferred ensembles with Basques in the season of summer 2012. More and more often on the red carpet began to appear celebrities dressed in look with this important beautiful detail.

The ruffles were added to their dresses such famous style icons, as a top model Coco Rocha, outrageous singer Lady Gaga, actress Jennifer aniston and Charlize Theron, singer, and sister of Beyonce, Solange Knowles, pop diva Kylie Minogue, the star of the movie “Harry Potter” Continue reading

Fashion 2012 for women.
Women by nature should always look exquisite and inimitable. This certainly helps correct outfit. And what will best emphasize the dignity of the female figure? Stylish dress. The actual made…

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Burberry brand history service
In 1856, Thomas Burberry opened a small company Burberry Group Plc and then started opening factories. In 1880, the English fashion designer discovered the unknown for the time properties gabardine…

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History skirt
The history of the skirt is rooted in antiquity, when people did not distinguish between male and female clothes and wore a loincloth, which only can be called skirts. They…

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