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Summer Dresses

Here comes the long-awaited summer! The time of relaxation and adventure, positive, joy, and the sun, meeting new people and making some bold decisions! However, it gives us a little uncomfortable in the sweltering heat. Of course, every girl must have a corresponding season closet, most comfortable expressing its internal state, ideology and identity. Perhaps the most optimal, successful and appropriate clothing for this season – summer dress!

Summer dress is strikingly diverse. In our catalog you can find the model for any situation: for shopping, for a walk with children, romantic dates, holiday parties or visiting the resort restaurant. A wide variety of styles and styles will allow every woman Continue reading

Fashions dresses for full

Often women with curvaceous have some difficulties in choosing clothes. Many of them mistakenly believe that current fashion trends designed only for women with a perfect body shape. But it is not so. Beautiful fashions dresses for women always presented in various fashion collections. Modern designers dresses of world renown to constantly develop new styles for larger sizes. In this case, all branded dresses for full fashionistas are beauty, comfort and practicality, as well as allow you to feel attractive and elegant.

Double layer dress

To look sexy and fashionable in dress, you need to hide problem areas full silhouette and emphasize only its advantages. To do this, stylists advise full Continue reading

Teen clothing second-hand

Trendy baby clothes second hand

on 9 February after 16-00 new arrival children’s and teen clothing!

Postage 30,000 rubles.

When ordering over $ 300 thousand rubles shipping by courier and postage is free.

Welcome to one of the largest online stores children’s and teen clothing second hand in Belarus!

Key reasons to purchase children’s and teen clothing second hand in our online store:

-Best prices. Prices for children’s and teen clothing second hand in our virtual online store Fashionistas buy much lower than in real stores.

-Large, constantly updated assortment. In Internet shop presents clothes second hand for children and adolescents from 0 to 14 years.

-Excellent quality of service. Our online Continue reading

History skirt

The history of the skirt is rooted in antiquity, when people did not distinguish between male and female clothes and wore a loincloth, which only can be called skirts. They served not for beauty, but rather for protection.

If we accept as a skirt outfit that begins at the waist and goes down to a certain length, that women have long been treated at all without it. For example, in ancient Greece and Rome skirts was not at all.

I believe that the word “skirt” is derived from the same word as “coat”, namely from the Arabic name of woolen tunic sleeveless “Juba” .

Very short skirt and her details were “speaking element of the closet and could can tell a lot about its owner, carrying a certain meaning. Continue reading

Branded clothing price in Ukraine

Women’s costume

You want your information displayed on request Brand clothing? Free registration!

Warm woolen jacket Atmosphere with reindeer and snowflakes

Brand clothing in other regions

All positions

Branded clothes are conveniently, efficiently and profitably

Modern society very seriously focused on all the fashion trends. These trends and fashion rules are now able to coordinate the life and behavior of many people. Therefore, “cool” look we require, and personal ambitions, and the demands of society.

Many people who seek fashionable dress, believe that you have to fill in your wardrobe with these garments, which can be called clothing. Under such clothes taken Continue reading

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