Large and famous

Time skinny models freaky appearance went, today the fashion world with the success of assaulting a real woman. The world of fashion for quite a long time reached the idea that real beauty can be only natural, therefore, on catwalks and magazine covers for a long time did not let the girls would not be blown away by the wind in the absence of stones in his pockets. Today we will tell you about the 6 pillars of modern fashion size plus that changed the world of fashion your not overweight.

Robin Loli

Modeling career Robin began 17 years, but because she could not maintain the super slim figure, she signed with Bella Model Managemen and at 18 became a successful model plus size.

Ashley Graham

27-year-old Ashley Graham from Lincoln, USA, became known to the public in late 2014, but 2015 promises to bring more and more popularity.

Last year she graced the cover of Elle, and also took part in the shooting for magazines Love and Teen Vogue. Also in October last year, she released her own line of lingerie plus size.

Candice Chaffin

The beginning of a brilliant career 30-year-old candice Chaffin from Washington, USA, you can read the issue of “V magazine” 2010, where she posed as a model.

A year later, she became one of the three models plus size, appeared on the famous cover of the Italian Vogue.

Whitney Thompson

27-year-old Whitney Thompson from Florida became famous after winning the tenth season of the show “Top model American”

With his win, Whitney was able to become the face of many advertising campaigns. In 2009, she also released a collection of jewelry called “Supermodel”.

Tokkara Jones

33-year-old Tokkara became known to the General public after participating in the seventh season of the show “Top model American”

After leaving television, Tokkara has been seen in many magazines, where she acted as a model, she has also been the face of many advertising firms large firms.

The tokkara released a DVD with workouts for women real size “Toccara”s Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women” and has his own brand of underwear plus size called “City Chic”

Tess Munster, also known as Tess Holliday

29-year-old Tess of the Mississippi is famous in the world after the company A&E has chosen her face documentary series “Heavy”.

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