It’s time for the sea!

Haven’t finished the current season and fashion designers are already working on new products forthcoming. Modern beach fashion allows any woman, regardless of age and characteristics of the shape, choose those options service, which will allow it to not only look stylish under the sun, but the time for beach parties and exploring the city. Beach fashion-2012 – this whole ensemble, consisting of swimwear, beach dresses, costumes and accessories.

The sea is primarily a swimsuit. Swimwear flattering, feminine shapes and colors, allowing you not just to flaunt a woman’s body, but also to correct the deficiencies that are the basis of the collections of the coming season. Multilayer corrective options, swimwear retro with high enough, panties and closed strapless bodice, a large selection of one-piece swimsuit, as well as continuing to be a popular tankini and Monokini. Not uncommon color or stylistic contrast between the top and bottom of the bikini. The shape of the bodice is the most unusual and traditional. Here both wide and narrow straps or no straps around the neck or over one shoulder. Become popular over the past season draping remained, but the ruffles are less common.

Bohemoth, glamour and echoes retro – here are the main accents beach collections. The hippie style, Safari, lace – place was found for all. Owner slender legs can afford ultra-short shorts in combination with flowing tunics. Flowing fabrics for fashion a-line in clothing of different lengths also emphasize the feminine elegance.

The colors of the season – the most diverse, in some collections of bright and mottled fabric, others have a small floral pattern. geometry and floral ornament, is still popular animal prints. Large selection of clothing restrained, muted colors.

As accessories is a very unusual fashion bracelets, scarves, tied around the wrist. Hats were very feminine. wide-brimmed, and soft beretki and even a boater.

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