Italian clothes in Kiev.

Fashion is an important part of the cultural life of Italian society. The Italians are renowned for their attention to fashionable appearance. “La Bella Figura” or “good impression” — remains a traditional principle in their way of life. Today Italy is rightfully called the Queen of the fashion world. Emphasized stylish, exquisite and elegant Italian clothing acts as the object of addiction is steadily increasing number of admirers from around the world.

Despite the fact that the Italian fashion house widely known much later as compared with French, is currently a recognized leader in the world of fashion is considered to be Italy. As a consequence, the Italian clothing being sold in Kiev, giving the opportunity to try on celebrification, interesting news and Ukrainians. Therefore, if your search term is “Italian clothing Kyiv”, the result you will receive a list of sites that sell goods primarily from Italy. Among them special attention should be paid to site “FreeModa”, which is one of the best showrooms of Kiev. There are presented popular brands of Italian clothing as Rinascimento, Miss Sixty, SAXX, ANGY SIX, Miss Miss, Imperial, Northland and many other quality companies that will impress true connoisseurs of style.

But on request “Italian clothing Kiev”, it is not always possible to know about themselves releasing the company, so we continue to consider the most popular ones.

Brand Rinascimento is a pretty unique project Teddy S. p.A. She was the embodiment of a completely new direction in the creation of clothing. The essence of which was to provide the most rapid response from the manufacturer on changes happening in the world of fashion. For many years, this Italian brand is superior to all its competitors in speed of updating of assortment. Representation of the brand at the moment operate in over 90 countries. The core of the collections are dresses that are made from different fabrics and in the most incredible shades. Also under the brand Rinascimento made trousers, jackets, blouses, skirts, knitwear, bags and, of course, accessories. In the manufacture of clothing uses only natural fabrics, sometimes the developers of new models resort to the use of natural material containing a small amount of elastane and viscose.

Italian clothing Kiev

Italian brand “Imperial” has 25 years of experience in producing stylish, creative and quite glamorous clothes. During its history, the clothing company “Imperial” managed to find many fans around the world. The clothes of this brand are ideal for active young girls who want to always look fashionable and relevant. One of the main advantages is the exclusive production in Italy and the use of natural fabrics. Style, which bear the Imperial collection is a cocktail of business, street and youth style.

Italian clothing Kiev

SAXX produces women’s clothing since 1995. This relatively young brand is very popular in Italy because of the excellent quality and reasonable prices. During the existence of the company, there have been several hundred studies in the field of fashion, including many interviews of women on the streets of Italy. The result is the best it was taken from the leading Fashion Houses, and the development of the company is in step with the times. SAXX is a brand that is constantly changing under the influence shoppers. She is responsive to their needs and requirements, and this is the secret of its success.

Clothing Northland is one of the most popular Italian brands, produced exclusively in Italy. Northland – women’s clothing contrasts, she is glamorous, bright and at the same time romantic. Dressed in the clothes of the brand – You create an image of the active, stylish and gorgeous girl. Northland pays attention to detail and quality, creates stylish clothing at affordable prices!

Mark AngySix born in 1969, and her story begins with the production of men’s shirts. However, the company’s founder Giacomo Rubagotti does not stop and gradually increases production capacity: he hired a staff and began working on a line of women’s clothing, paying particular attention to the requirements of buyers. New technologies and modern fabrics attract customers. Add to that reasonable prices, continuous work on the collections, the highest quality and you will receive a brand that can and should be trusted.

Clothing from Miss Miss is Italian style, and a balance between price and quality. Hallmark Miss Miss is fresh and unique feminine design. Miss Miss is ideal for fashion fans who love to show their individual style and originality. The peculiarity of workmanship and design is the widest range of creative, bright, trendy clothes, the model is not overloaded with decorative elements and small details. It to collections Miss Miss can without any reservations to use the expression “simple and tasteful”. High-quality outfits Miss Miss blend of style and femininity, practicality and sophisticated style, offering unlimited possibilities for creating a memorable and vibrant image.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning handbags that are made in Italy. In the showroom “FreeModa” they are presented in a large assortment. Here you will be able to complete your way, picking up excellent Italian clothing and additional accessories. “FreeModa” – freedom to be beautiful!

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