Import and export in South Korea

South Korea is a highly developed country with a market

South Korea is a highly developed country with a market economy that supports a very wide international connections. The country produces many high quality products in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, automotive. However, there is one thing: the country is poor in minerals. This determines the whole structure of the export/import in the country.

If you are a sales representative, then you should be interested in two questions: what to put in this country and weather or when to go on business negotiations in the land of the Morning calm? As for the weather, the best time of year is summer and autumn, because in this period the country is warm and dry.

As for imports, it is necessary to distinguish three directions: first, it is non-ferrous metal ores, oil and gas. Korea is poor in minerals, necessary for its highly developed industry. Osnovnye exporters of natural resources in Korea are Russia, China and Iran.

The second article of imports are foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials. In the country a very small area of fields and although South Korea partially provides products, all measures for the development of agriculture cannot feed of fifty of the country’s population. A major exporter of food in Korea is the United States and China.

The third point of entry into the country is a light industry goods: clothes, chairs (furniture), consumer goods. All this obliges the river flows from the neighboring “factory of the world” – China.

In turn, the state supplies the markets of the world high-precision equipment. Everywhere know and love such companies as Samsung, LG. The second largest category of exports from the country are the cars of the different configurations, ranging from cars and ending with the truck. Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo – this is an incomplete list of the giants of this state. Also, Korea is producing and military equipment.

Very popular in the Russian far East products of the chemical industry in Korea: mouthwash, detergents and Soaps, reagents for highly effective agriculture and medicine. Korean medical syringes are considered the best in the world.

From the above it can be concluded that Korea is unique in its development of the country, which is not inferior, and in many respects superior to the countries of the Western world and the United States. Korea is the best partner with whom you always want to be friends and cooperate.


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