Hugo Boss

Specialization: Stylish clothes and accessories

Products: Suits,shirts, ties, tuxedos, underwear, shoes, sunglasses, perfumes

Country and year established: Hugo Boss was founded in 1923 in Germany.

Today, Hugo Boss– world-renowned fashion Empire, with stores in 103 countries, more than 5000 stores and an annual turnover of more than five hundred million dollars. However, for the man who founded one of the most stylish men’s line of clothing started not so well.

Hugo Boss founded company service in 1923 in a small town South of Stuttgart (Germany) in Metzingen, where it is currently. But because of the bad economic situation in Germany Hugo Boss was forced

to admit himself bankrupt in 1930. However, it did not break it. In 1931 he joined the ranks of the Nazi party and begins to develop new business. After formation of Adolf Hitler in 1933, the business Hugo Boss begins to flourish, as it becomes the official supplier of uniforms for members of the SS and SA.

After the defeat of Germany in 1945, Hugo Boss was accused of helping the Nazis, he was denied the right to vote in Germany and ordered to pay a fine. In 1948 he died, but his business was left in 1953, mark Hugo Boss makes the costumes. The time was suitable, as the male fashion industry only begins looking to become independent. During the ’60s, and’ 70s suits from Hugo Boss become models of high quality and stylish clothes for men.

In 1985, the company listed its shares on the stock exchange. A shareholder holding a controlling stake was the Marzotto textile group. In 1993, exactly 70 years after the founding of the company, has released its first fragrance. Thus was laid the division of the company.

Hugo Boss has three main areas – Hugo Boss, Hugo and Baldessarini . the latter, named in honor of the head of the company Werner, Baldessarini (Werner Baldessarini), who resigned in 2002. The release of goods under the brand Baldessarini discontinued after spring/summer collection 2007, however, the production of fragrance Baldessarini continues.

Besides suits Hugo Boss produces shirts, ties, tuxedos, underwear, shoes, sunglasses, perfumes for men and women.

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