How to clean leather jacket

The upper leather is comfortable and practical. Leather coats and jackets look fashionable and elegant. And the prices on leather products may differ significantly. For example, the price of leather coats not commensurate with the price of a light leather jacket, but in all cases these things are valuable and expensive. Therefore, buying a leather jacket or coat, so as not to shake hands with them in the near future, you should know how and what to clean in a particular case. The question is complicated by the fact that leather clothes cannot be washed in a washing machine, how it could be done in the normal case. The skin can only be cleaned. So let’s find out how.

Easy cleaning from dust and volatile impurities

For easy cleaning the jacket is quite gentle wipe with a piece of wet cloth. The sleeves and the collar can be cleaned using a special cleaning spray for the skin, which is also applied to a damp cloth.

How to clean collar leather jacket

Cleaning the collar must be performed effortlessly easy movements. Use the same spray or any mild detergent, such as shampoo or soap. Damp cloth, apply it to the collar and RUB lightly. To make it easier to absorb the excess moisture, you can use a soft, clean sponge. After cleaning, hang the jacket in a well ventilated area to dry.

Easy cleaning is carried out once a year. Always remember that soap and water will in any case are aggressive environment, especially for leather. Always pre-look at the labels sewn to the lining, in order to clarify what type of cleaning Pets for specific products. Even a mild soap comes in many varieties and recommended for different skin types.

The use of air conditioning

Simply clean and dry the jacket is not enough. After cleaning and drying of the leather jacket may crack, so to give the brightness and freshness, use air conditioning. Air conditioning for the skin used in all cases when it is necessary to improve the skin condition. Well if you have mink oil, it can be used together with conditioning. Evenly apply remedies to the entire surface, but always know the measure. Make sure that the jacket was not sticky.

How else can you clean leather jacket

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