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Often women with curvaceous have some difficulties in choosing clothes. Many of them mistakenly believe that current fashion trends designed only for women with a perfect body shape. But it is not so. Beautiful fashions dresses for women always presented in various fashion collections. Modern designers dresses of world renown to constantly develop new styles for larger sizes. In this case, all branded dresses for full fashionistas are beauty, comfort and practicality, as well as allow you to feel attractive and elegant.

Double layer dress

To look sexy and fashionable in dress, you need to hide problem areas full silhouette and emphasize only its advantages. To do this, stylists advise full of fashion to your closet double layer dress. The edges of the top layer of this style of dress should be slightly wider than the bottom layer. This will visually reduce the total female silhouette, bringing in the image of fashionista notes of elegance and tenderness.

The sleeves of this dress should be slightly flared and have a length of three quarters or reach to the wrist or elbow. The optimal length of this dress is full of fashion below the knee. Style of dress is better not to decorate with bows, ruffles or laces.

Dresses with high waist or dresses with low waist are also a great option for full fashionistas. This regular-fit dress will hide the hips or fuzzy waistline.

A great addition to the dress will be different accessories such as capes, boleros, tippet, which will help to successfully hide the full figure.

Tunic dress and sheath dress

These styles of dresses will help hide figure flaws. So, a regular fit dress-tunic does not focus around the wide hips and protruding belly full fashionista. While this style of dress is short length organically combined with trousers or leggings. If the fairer sex full legs, long tunic dress well they will be shut down.

Sheath dress is recognized as an ideal model for full fashionistas with type shape “hourglass”. Dress effectively accentuate the waistline and will perfectly hide the hips. This style of dress is indispensable for special or formal events.

The style of the new look

The style of dress, made in this style, perfect to accentuate the silhouette complete women. This is the perfect dress for fashionistas on the body type “pear” or “hourglass”. A fitted bodice and voluminous skirt of different lengths will focus the attention on the chest, the graceful line of her shoulders and a narrow waist full fashionista.

If the style of dress in the style of “new look” to complement the V-neck, it is not only perfectly accentuate beautiful Breasts, but also visually “pull” the female silhouette. Avoid full women dresses with skirt-pleated, because it visually enhances the female figure. Different types of draping gowns for fashionistas with forms, on the contrary, successfully hides all the flaws full fashionista. This style of dress for full ladies recognized as universal, so it can be worn as a secular party and business meeting.

The color and texture of the fabric for full

The texture of the fabric and colour of the dress has a great impact on the style and silhouette full of fashionistas. When choosing the style of dress should be aware that cold tone visually reduce the total figure, and bright shades on the contrary, it increased. Women with curvaceous prefer black color dress only to seem more graceful and slender. Stylists advise to avoid this color because it allocates the full silhouette of the space, highlighting all its flaws.

To choose the right style of dress for the fuller figure recommended the following rules:

skin tones dresses create a sense of flow and massiveness of the female figure;

dress with cross strips extend feminine silhouette;

rare horizontal stripes on the skirt increase the parameters of a female figure, making it more completely;

relief and geometric patterns on the dress, large patterns on fabric and contrasting elements are not suitable for full ladies;

prefer dresses with fine classical pattern, which is in quiet tones;

evening dresses emerald green, blue and purple colors look great on full figure.

Reduces the amount of full figure rationally matched the texture of the material for the dress and its thickness . For example, fluffy and fuzzy fabric and thick materials are not suitable for full beauties, as they do not reflect light and optically enhance the female silhouette. Stylists dresses for full ladies are advised to abandon shiny knitwear, as this material creates an effect of fullness. The best option for sewing dresses smooth fabric.

It should be noted that the fashion and luxury forms do not dwell on a single well-chosen style of dress. Constantly experiment, as the trends of modern fashion allow you to find the perfect dress for any size, effectively emphasizing the exclusivity and originality of the female image, regardless of the completeness of the figures.

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