Fashion for the full

When I was full. I didn’t have enough clothes on my body. Full sew, implying a thick ass, and I have no way was not.)) And I’m not the only one who has the upper hand more than the bottom, and the clothes do not find it.((


and I noticed that all the clothes on the full goes to high growth! because buy 160 problematic, all long, long sleeves, cut in the navel. i.e. explicitly designed for high growth .T. D.

About the color: we have, if not clumsy, without flounces-rhinestone-feathers – on the contrary, a funeral species, muddy black-and-gray-brown tone.

Almost never will buy a clean, beautiful things color Aqua, dark blue, claret, cornflower, cream, coffee, cherry, dairy, Magenta, blue. Black and brown tones, too, would like to see “clean” and not the nightmare that looks like a doormat. We don’t need so much vague, confusing, ugly “patterns” on fabrics, stupid huge buttons and metal brandolin. Better solid! jewelry and scarves, you can always pick.

About blouses and turtlenecks: it’s some kind of horror – even for obese people make as short as possible, saving every inch length! In the end, put on a turtleneck or blouse, and she at each step, “flies” upward, exposing the space above the waistband of the skirt. (I thin it too, every second, not counting the first). That is, blouses and jackets need to pick up is NOT shortened, as normal, in which it is safe to move.

Another reason sellers are carrying and dragging jeans and pants for full – large sizes, but the cut pipe, skinny! Even with a low rise on the hips. I admit, someone likes it, let is, but often it turns out great g-PA on a thin sculpted legs. Many is absolutely not the case. Better look classic trousers and jeans with a slight flare from the knee (sometimes from the hips), high, poluprilegayuschy waist! The same waistline is good for skirts.

Generally, often look great poluprilegayuschy, soft, flowing silhouettes. But the fabric should not be “rag”, rather dense, softly draped.

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