In the fashion industry has changed. In fashion began to be popular so-called non-standard models or plasmasphere. DOVE first used two years ago in their advertising of “real” women. The fact that people are willing to buy their goods.

American Glamour magazine, he decided to invite the shooting of the so-called plasmaspheric models. For example Lizzie Miller (21) appeared Nude in all its beauty, it has not been retouched and carried banners on the side. The editorial office has received more than half a million letters from readers. About a woman (Lizzie Miller) told all. But not only Glamour, and ELLE magazine willingly put on the cover Terry Lynn custom model:


The thingis that the full girls is very hard to find clothes. No, I’m not saying that complex style or cut, but just very little choice. Many brands simply do not produce more than 46. The company recently Mango made it a rule to produce large sizes from 46 to 50.

Dress on the figure, with emphasis on the waist. They will help create a beautiful silhouette, to emphasize the bust line and hips. Of course, the dress should not be too close. Silhouette semi-fitting. Such is increasingly recent picks Jennifer Lopez.

The winning skirt length. If you are full of eggs, the skirt can be extended, but if the excess is the difference between ankle – lengthen-it is better to stop at the knee length.

Evening out, can also be interesting and quite diverse an example would be several orders of:

Swimsuit? Easy!

Seven models – Jenny Rank, Kate Dillon, Ashley Graham, Amy Lemons, Lizzie Miller, crystal Renn, Anansa Sims undressed for Glamour. All seven have tummies and other feminine pulp. Just fabulous, already for courage before them, “take off your hat”.

And finally, you should not take yourself too seriously – a drop of humor, ladies! For example, Salma Hayek recalls how once loved told her that stretching of the skin make her look like a tigress. Would you be offended? And Mexican beauty laughed heartily and made the right conclusion: imperfections can be an occasion for pride!

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