Fashion coat Ukrainian designers

To create autumn-winter collection of many Ukrainian designers were inspired by the events difficult for our country last winter

Thanks to their creative approach this fall we can dress up in the spirit of national unity, combined with global trends, writes Depot .

Andre tan this fall promotes very feminine cropped coat. The designer proposes to add outerwear spectacular high gloves, boots-bottomtime and corset belts.

Design Duo this year were inspired by the Revolution of dignity, so often in their collection you can see coat with traces of automobile tires. In addition, in this collection Natalia and Olesya used leopard print in shades of gray, which made things simple, but at the same time, a little aggressive.

Svetlana Bevza and this season has not changed his love for monochrome things. “Highlight  the collection is a white coat. Intersecting diagonal lines embodied in the cut of jackets and coats, and in print, and texture.

Christina Bobkova this fall offers fully immerse yourself in comfort. To do this, the designer has released a large number of bulky sweaters and jackets and coats from autumn-winter collection is firmly fastened at the throat.

Voluminous long warm coat from the Lily Litkowski will not allow you to freeze either in autumn or in winter. As for print – geometry “rules” in this season.

Elena Reva, according to tradition, on guard for womanhood. Metallic luster accompanies her autumn-winter collection: if not in the fabrics, accessories.

Collection of Alexey Zalevskiy, traditionally, bold and confident. This fall, the designer offers to choose bright jackets and coats in shades of red with stripe print, or peas. For the complete image from the flamboyant couturier should choose an unusual headdress.


The young designer Inna Ignatevsky this year for the first time presented his collection at the Ukranian Fashion Week. For its debut, the designer chose ethnic motives. Traditional Ukrainian national costume, white and red colors became the basis of the collection.


Roksolana Bogutska known for his love of national colour that is reflected in its autumn-winter collection. Embroidered silk and beaded fur vests and coats, only when looking at them, warm the soul and charged by solar energy.

Feminine collection Irene Diehl created for aristocratic romantic girls. The soft rounded lines of cut and author embroidery creates an aura of mystery around the winner of the things from Irene.

Designer and Evangelist brand Alain Migdisova travels a lot, so each collection is the epitome of style of the most fashionable capitals of the world. Refined silhouettes and clean lines are the main features of the autumn-winter collection of Alena.

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