Culture Of France

The main feature of French culture is the complete rejection of all the American, the French appreciate only French. Those who own the world’s masterpieces recognizes no other authority except their own. However, this country has invested in a world heritage site too much. You can immediately talk about French architecture, and to talk for a long time. Medieval castles, cathedrals and churches, and more. You can also mention about French painting and the most famous paintings. Impressionism in France just turned the idea of painting all over the world. Paris itself is a world landmark, here they are simply sea.

In the end, you can gather an infinite book about the whole history of France, in all its aspects. French schools are renowned for their discipline, but the attitude of the student and teacher are quite friendly. The only day when the students can relax and relax – on exhaust. In the suburbs, young students can bombard the school of eggs or pour his teacher water. Vandalism is not here, but the final pass with noise, and the school building after it has poor appearance.

And that, with regard to fashion – this element of French culture not to be missed. After all, the French born fashion. In Paris you can find a lot of women in wrinkled clothes or wondrous hair, however, they have a stylish look. Behind all this “outrage” is individualism and charm.

A very important feature of the French to avoid problems on level ground, and in General problems. This is a very relaxed country, and referring to the sexual culture, France is second only to the giants, Russia and Sweden. According to the statistics – more than 40% of the French had sex with several people, and about 30% of the couples change partners. Oral sex is generally the most popular.

Nudist beaches on the Cote d’azur is a common practice. And the largest beach is not believe somewhere in France. It is two kilometers long and is called cap-Duck, there are several buildings, so it is considered the town. But, this does not mean that such a beautiful European country – top debauchery and vulgarity. Cultural pillars remain in place – and it is. The constitutional Council prohibits same-sex marriages and this question some time worried citizens.

Arriving in a country like France, you cannot forget about world heritage, there are many monuments, museums, and each city is special in its own way. In the Southern and Northern provinces beautiful nature and resorts will not leave indifferent.

The culture of France is very versatile. On the one hand – architecture, painting, music and literature, and the rest is not less important is the traditional notion about the clothes, manners, sex, movies, and humor.

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Culture Of France
The main feature of French culture is the complete rejection of all the American, the French appreciate only French. Those who own the world's masterpieces recognizes no other authority except…

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