Choose your perfect blouse

Women’s blouses are absolutely indispensable items of clothing, not do without them, if you want to create a beautiful feminine romantic look, and, at the same time, they are ideal for business style, a perfect combination of classic skirts and trousers.

No show of contemporary designer is not complete without a demonstration of new versions blouses, depending on the trends of the season change styles, colors, decorative elements, the variety of options is impressive. But there are basic characteristics that remain unchanged, and they need to pay attention when selecting new items.

Types of blouses

Classic type. Features concise cut, because it resembles a man’s shirt. In this case, suppose neat decor, but if you plan to enter this blouse in the light, we become appropriate decorations in the form of ruffles, draperies and lace inserts.

Shirts. They are simply created for Hiking and work shirts are the basis of the wardrobe of girls who prefer official line of clothing.

Tunics. Different from other versions of democratic cut, more diverse colors and texture. They are ideal for going to the beach, and for ordinary bow casual.

Popular materials

Before you buy women’s blouse . you definitely find out what material was used in the production. Below we give a list of the best and most sought after fabrics:

Len experts called the most safe, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Flax models are good for the summer heat, they are particularly well suited for ladies who like ethnic style.

Cotton – natural, practical and convenient. In quantities of virtually every brand will find suggestions of cotton. Cotton products allow the skin to breathe, therefore, also recommended for summer weather.

Silk – it ’classic” evening image. They are the perfect addition to an elegant skirt or pants. They look great with a variety of fine jewelry.

Synthetic materials. It is believed that products made of synthetic fabrics may not be quality, but thanks to modern technology, artificial fabrics are no less safe than natural.

The chiffon. Goods that are made from it, sometimes look even prettier than silk. There is one thing about which it is impossible to forget, sometimes, for the manufacture of shirt is too thin chiffon, because you can buy only those who are not afraid to look too openly.

Features cut

How buying blouses for women in online store . ladies turn their attention to the style model. What they are:

Form-fitting. Allows you to create proportional to complete the silhouette. But, unfortunately. If your figure is not perfect, such a model should be abandoned.

Direct. This option is the most popular, as it is suitable for everyone. This is a real godsend for curvy ladies are advised to wear over trousers.

Free – the best option for every day, this style hides imperfections well, but with feminine blouses, big sizes, you should be careful, as it can visually add figure massiveness.

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