Burberry brand history service

In 1856, Thomas Burberry opened a small company Burberry Group Plc and then started opening factories.

In 1880, the English fashion designer discovered the unknown for the time properties gabardine fabric: it was breathable material. His discovery designer was patented in 1888. From the new material Thomas Burberry modeled trench sand – beige color that overshadowing heavy cloaks – Macs have become very popular among the top service. The name of this fabric, Thomas Burberry borrowed from the writings of the English poet William Shakespeare, who in his plays repeatedly called gabardine long hooded cloak.

Own company Burberry produces only cloaks the other products of the brand are created with the help of subsidiary companies of the brand.

In 1901, the brand appears own logo: on horseback with a spear in his hand, the meaning of which was concluded in the following: the rider – forward motion (“prorsum”), spear in the hand of the rider – the defence of tradition.

Print the cell starts ceases to be just lining on signature trench coats brand. In 1920, for the first time the company produces women’s travel bag, the main material for which was the same cage Nova.

In 1924, the brand Burberry appears the main difference from the rest of branded clothing: plaid Nova red, black, sand and white stripes. It is an indispensable innovation Burberry designers are beginning to actively implement the brand in the clothing style of the brand, replacing the normal lining of the trench coats on the lining, with repeated ad infinitum, ornament new cells.

1955 – British brand Burberry has become an official supplier of the Queen of England Elizabeth II. The Queen of England issued a Royal Warrant (Royal resolution”) by selecting the brand of the supplier of the service of the Royal court.

In the same year the company moved from family ownership (family Burberry) in the possession of Lord David Wolfson. The brand image is unchanged, still the same company name and the logo of the brand.

1989 – Prince of Wales – Charles is a fan of branded clothing Burberry. Issuing a Royal Warrant on delivery brand clothing brand for the Royal court.

1998 – the chief artist of the company becomes a talented Italian Roberto Menichetti. Later he was appointed chief designer house of Burberry. As a designer, Menichetti succeeded in many of his creations, he managed in new ways to beat the original cell of the brand, has created a line of Burberry Prorsum – collection of luxury clothing and luxury accessories.

Since 2001, the creative Director was appointed Christopher Bailey.

In 2006, the brand Burberry 150 years from the date of its Foundation.

In 2008, the Foundation was created Burberry The Burberry Foundation”, which aims to help young talented designers to unleash the potential.

From 2013, the Executive Director of brand Christopher Bailey.

Brand Burberry presented to us in 3 ways:

Burberry Prorsum – collection of clothing and luxury accessories, is designed in accordance with the fashion trends for presenting the collection in Milan. in the fashion shows.

Burberry London classic Burberry, this collection is also known as a card House Burberry.

Thomas Burberry clothes, perfume, accessories for children and teenagers.

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