Blouses – women’s

What is rayon?

We are often asked why for sewing women’s clothing we use rayon? Natural is this fabric? Is there enough comfortable to wear products from it?

We decided to tell you more about this beautiful modern material.

Rayon is made from wood pulp and plants by the method of pressing. It is called also wood silk. Rayon was invented by the French scientist Giller Chardonnay in 1884. He’s using viscose created the first artificial fabric. And somewhere towards the beginning of the twentieth century rayon began to actively use in the textile industry.

Now viscose is used everywhere. From her sew beautiful blouses, dresses, tunics, t-shirts, shirts, skirts and more. The main advantage of this material is extremely hygroscopic, and hence high hygiene. Therefore, the viscose is used not only for sewing women’s and men’s, and children’s clothing, and even clothing for newborns.

At its core characteristics viscose little different from the cotton, and if good quality in the best way. Fabric viscose easily painted in different colors. The intensity of the color in it is higher than that of cotton. Still viscose less shedding. Using viscose can even improve the properties of cotton – adding it in the cotton yarn speeds moisture wicking, cotton small. It is also important to note that the viscose does not accumulate static electricity, and therefore, during the breeding period does not occur unpleasant cod and tingling on the skin. Things viscose worn easily, they are pleasant to the touch, they feel comfortable in summer and winter.

Changing the thickness and nature of viscose fiber, you can get the canvas is very similar to wool, cotton, silk and linen. Viscose is also included with yarn for knitting is usually mixed with wool, mohair and cotton. In jerseys viscose blend with elastane for greater plasticity and best drapeness.

Viscose is the most natural of all synthetic fibers. But, despite all of its many advantages have viscose and some disadvantages.

When wet, it easily loses its strength and elasticity. Therefore, the clothing from her need to be washed by hand or in a washing machine, if that provides the function gentle or hand wash. Wash needs in warm water using a mild detergent.

Viscose is also not recommended to be twisted. Articles thereof iron at a temperature not exceeding 120° C. the position of the thermostat is in the “silk”.

Viscose is wonderful, but quite capricious material. Therefore, take care of the clothing from her gently. Only then she will not give pellets will not stretch and will last you a long time.

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