Beautiful wedding dresses 2011

The main trend in wedding dresses 2011 is a return to the classics! This can be seen in almost all the fashion shows. Short length has almost faded into the background, but still occurs in summer wedding dresses.

Favorite this season is lush, long dress, reminiscent of Princess outfit is white, which symbolizes purity and innocence. This is a gorgeous ball gown with demolitionand corset and complex draped skirt with crinoline.

Relevant also remain wedding dresses in mermaid style of dress of the year. These dresses are perfectly emphasize the shape and usually complemented by a long train of luxurious lace. But this style is well suited only very slim girls. If You do not have the opportunity to buy a luxury wedding dress. such a service as car rental wedding dresses .

Dresses silhouette “Empire” (Greek style) with a high waist, this season is already less popular, but still in fashion. They are very well suited for those who want to emphasize a beautiful breast shape or hide some flaws. The top of these dresses richly decorated fabrics, beads. crystals, embroidery.

As for the color of wedding dresses, it is mostly white, though in some collections you can find dresses in pastel shades is a beige, gold and silvery-grey shades.

Very pleased with the modern collections of wedding dresses large variety of fabrics. This luxurious satin, delicate lace, fine lace, flowing silk. elegant organza, as well as a brilliant shimmering tulle, very airy and transparent.

The actual trend in modern wedding fashion is the abundance in the decoration of three-dimensional display elements( three-dimensional flowers),a variety of ruffles, flounces,ruffles, pleats, appliques, flowers and leaves, as well as embroidery, which is made with beads, pearls, crystals and sequins.

This season is very fashionable corsets and fully bare shoulders. Sometimes you can meet and models with the cut of the neckline on one shoulder. These wedding dresses are complemented by original and small aceticum-Bolero, which is made of lace or taffeta.

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